Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Updates and New Challenges

Hello Everyone,

Sorry that we have not updated the challenge blog in a while. Things have been hectic and with Summer Holidays everybody were busy traveling and spending time with their family and friends.

But now we are back with some exciting changes and new challenges. There are some changes to the Challenge formats.

1) We will continue to have three Challenges - Regular card challenge, Christmas card Challenge and scrapbook page challenge.
2) The change is in the frequency of challenges. You will now have almost one month to complete the challenges. This gives us time to come up with interesting sketches and prizes..yes there will be prizes for each of the challenges.
3) So starting with the Month of September,
First Friday of the Month - Regular Card Challenge
First Saturday of the Month - Scrapbook page Challenge
First Sunday of the Month - Christmas Card Challenge.

I am quite excited to have the challenges back and to give you all a chance to win something for each of these challenges. Having some time to work with the challenges is also helpful.

I will be back this Friday with our Regular card challenge. Please stop back and check it out and to win something exciting. Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Banu and IC Team